At Glasgow Tutor Company, we provide the best one to one session. If you need help preparing for a GCSE or GCSE equivalent exam, we can help. GCSE equivalents are more popular than ever since maths and English GCSE or qualification that are equivalent to a GCSE is needed for any University course and the majority of employers require them. The two most popular GCSE equivalent exams are functional skills and GCSE Equivalency Tests. There are 5 levels that you go through in a functional skills exam. To gain the GCSE equivalent qualification, level 2 which is the final level is what you need. You can get funding for the functional skills exam from the government if you are aged 19 and younger. If you are older than 19, the government unfortunately doesn’t pay for the functional skills course so you will have to fund it yourself and sign up independently. GCSE Equivalency Tests is the other qualification that is best if you are thinking about teacher training courses and need a GCSE equivalent qualification to apply. You can take both of these exams whenever you are ready.

These two GCSE equivalents aren’t the only qualifications you can gain, you can undergo a BTEC or NVQ course but they’re not as favoured as functional skills. The GCSE exams are the best qualification if you would rather sit an actual GCSE exam but you only have 2 times during a year that you can sit this, therefore functional skills are more flexible for you. If you would like more information about the exam, then contact MME. They can also book your online functional skills exam, sort out a paper test in your local testing centre.