Summer 2021 GCSE exams are no longer going ahead and teacher assessed grades have been introduced instead. These grades are important, especially maths and English since they are required for A levels, Universities and employment. The teacher assessed grades are being given to students in college or school therefore those who are outside of mainstream education, it is uncertain on how they are going to obtain these. Below should guide you through alternative qualifications instead of GCSE exams and teacher assessed grades.

Teacher assessed grades for those in schools and colleges

To optimise teacher assessed grades, you want to try best in ongoing work, mock exams and you can take external controlled assessments to go towards the grade. The controlled assessments for GCSE maths exams that are offered by MME is just like a mock exam and the results will be sent to your school or college as support evidence that will go towards the teacher assessed grades.

GCSE Exams and GCSE resits

Not all of the exams have been cancelled, GCSE November resit exams and iGCSE exams are still going ahead. MME can book you in as an external candidate, just call them on 020 3633 5145 and speak to someone for more information. MME has a page for the GCSE math retakes where you can find out more about the resits.

Teacher assessed grades for external candidates

MME and GCSE examiners have been working together to help people who aren’t in mainstream education, get a GCSE grade in the summer of 2021. They have come up with multiple assessments to help an external examiner get a tear assessed grade which will allow them to get a GCSE grade. You can book the GCSE maths controlled assessment with MME.

Alternatives to GCSE exams and teacher assessed grades

There are a number of alternative qualifications you can acquire instead of the GCSE exams. These qualifications are accepted by most Universities and employers and you will notice when applying that there is a common phrase which is ‘Give your GCSE or GCSE equivalent qualifications‘. A name that is also used for GCSE equivalent qualifications is functional skills which at level 2 is equal to a grade C/level 4. The links that are below will provide you with information about functional skills:

Nurses and Trainee Teachers

GCSE equivalency tests are another option instead of a GCSE qualification and this qualification is common amongst trainee teachers and nurses. It is accepted by most employers and Universities but not all so it would be beneficial to check before booking. This qualification is preferred over functionals skills by training providers and SCITT’s.