GCSE English tuition in Leeds | GCSE English Tutors in Leeds

Like GCSE Maths, GCSE English Literature and Language will be graded from 1-9 from 2017 onwards. This means there is an additional grade above the current A*, with level 4-5 being the current grade C and being considered a pass.

If you are thinking about GCSE English tuition whether it is for the first time or it is a GCSE re-sit, then Leeds Tutor Company can help as we have Leeds based GCSE English tutors for both English Language and Literature. Contact Us!

A Level English tuition in Leeds | A Level English Tutors in Leeds

Leeds Tutor company has excellent A level English Language and Literature tutors who all have the qualifications and experience to help our pupils succeed. If you are thinking about A level English tuition and would like to enquire about booking an English tutor then contact Leeds Tutor company today for more information about our A level English tutors in Leeds.

KS1 English Tuition in Leeds

If you are looking for an early year’s English tutor in Leeds then Leeds Tutor Company can help. Our English teachers are passionate about helping young children learn the basics of reading and writing as these skills set up a person for life.

KS2 English Tuition in Leeds 

KS2 English is a very important aspect of a child’s development. Not only do children in this age group develop their reading and writing skills but they also learn how to be creative and generate ideas and expand their imaginations. Our KS2 English tutors in Leeds look to help students understand the key concepts of English language in both written and spoken form, with a focus on grammar, spelling and punctuation as well as more complex sentence structure with the use of connectives. As students progress through the course of KS2 English tuition they become more confident and willing to try more difficult tasks. Our Leeds English tutors also prepare children for their KS2 SATs exams by working through all of the topics and content that is covered but also by looking at exam technique and how to answer the exam paper questions. If you are interested in booking a ks2 English tutor in Leeds get in touch with Leeds Tutor Company today.

KS3 English Tuition in Leeds

KS3 English is where students start to become really creative as their confidence grows. However, it is true to say that some of the basics are often missed or not implemented correctly so things such as spelling, grammar and punctuation are often weak at this level. In recent years the curriculum has changed, especially at GCSE Level and as a result there is much more onus put on these areas of written English. Because KS3 English is the bridge between KS2 and GCSE it is sometimes forgotten about as there are no formal exams and students in this age range often plod along with few issues ever being raised until they reach GCSE years when it becomes more important to get the grades. Our KS3 English tutors in Leeds believe it is crucial to help students work through Key Stage Three, preparing them for their GCSE years. Our English tutors ensure that all of the basics are nailed before moving onto the more advanced areas of the course. If you are searching for a KS3 English tutor in Leeds and you would like a professional service that is proven to achieve results then contact Leeds Tutor Company today.

GCSE English and A Level English Revision Resources

Maths and Science Revision Resources

If you are looking for KS1 to A Level English resources then Maths Made Easy is the website to use.