GCSE Maths Equivalency exams are a type of exam that enable anyone who may be fancying a career change to gain access onto their prospective training course. These training courses could be a teacher training programme, nursing or midwifery. The course providers tend to have minimum GCSE requirements. But a lot of the time, it is possible that you may not actually have the minimum grade requirements for whatever reason, so the GCSE Maths Equivalency exam is the answer to your problems! 


The first place to start once you have decided that you will need to take your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam is deciding which provider you would like to take it with. Across the country, there are many potential exam providers. Here at the Glasgow Tutor Company, we work very closely alongside A Star Equivalency and would like to recommend them to you as your exam provider. Not only do they offer you the opportunity to sit your exam, but they also offer the option to study the whole course with them so you will be in the best place when it comes to your exam day. 

We would like to enforce that all of our services also compliment everything that A Star Equivalency will offer you in the lead up to your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam. Whether it is help scheduling revision time, extra time to consolidate everything you’re learning or whatever you think you need in order to receive the best possible outcome! 


We can also help you to decide whether you think you may need to sit the exam in either higher or foundation tier format. We highly recommend taking the foundation, just because there is a higher pass rate and a smaller amount of course content needed to learn. However, some courses may have a minimum level achieved required, so always check with your course provider before booking straight away! 

The exams are based on the national Edexcel GCSE maths specification, but there are some modifications in order to make it more accessible and achievable as the exam boards are aware that it is likely that you haven’t been in full time education with the time for constant studying. 


Please see the grade boundaries below for GCSE Maths Equivalency Exams so you can see which you think will be best for you : 

Foundation Tier Maths Equivalency Exam Grade Boundaries 

  • Grade 4 (low C) (55% to 74%) Grade 5 (75% to 100%)


Higher Tier Maths Equivalency Grade Boundaries are as follows:

  • Grade 4 (25 to 34%)   9 mark band 25 to 34 marks inclusive
  • Grade 5 (35 to 43%)   9 mark band 35 to 43 marks inclusive
  • Grade 6 (44 to 54%) 11 mark band 44 to 54 marks inclusive
  • Grade 7 (55 to 68%) 14 mark band 55 to 68 marks inclusive
  • Grade 8 (69 to 82%) 14 mark band 69 to 82 marks inclusive
  • Grade 9 (83 to 100%) 18 mark band 83 to 100 marks inclusive


In order to sit your GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam, you will be required to have a computer/laptop with a strong internet connection and webcam, scientific calculator and ID and some paper to do your workings out. You will have the opportunity to select the most convenient day for you to sit your GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam, all of which is so easy to book through the A Star Equivalency Exam website (you will easily be able to see which exam days are cheaper too as the price can vary!) When you have booked your exam, be prepared to sit your exam online whilst being monitored by an online invigilator to ensure the integrity of your exam. Your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam will be 2 hours long. This exam consists of 2 papers that you will sit back to back and have an hour to do each (Paper 1 Non Calculator, Paper 2 Calculator). 

If the GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam sounds like a suitable option for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Glasgow Tutor Company and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need!