GCSE Maths Tuition in Leeds | GCSE Maths Tutors in Leeds

Leeds Tutor Company! offer expert GCSE Maths tuition in Leeds. Our GCSE Maths tutors are all up to speed with the recent changes to the GCSE Maths curriculum including the new grading system and new topics such as functions and Venn diagrams that weren’t on the old syllabus. Some of the new topics have previously been seen on AS Maths past papers and are quite a step up from some of the other GCSE Maths topics. At Leeds Tutor Company we are dedicated to helping our GCSE Maths pupils succeed and overcome the challenges the new GCSE Maths specification presents. If you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in Leeds, get in touch today and we will be happy to help.

A Level Maths tuition in Leeds | A Level Maths Tutors in Leeds

A level Maths has become the most popular A level subject with over 10% of A level students selecting it each year. This is because universities are putting more focus on academic A level subjects as competition for places in the top universities is rife.

Our A level Maths tutors in Leeds are focussed on helping each and every student achieve the grade their ability and hard work deserves. Whether that is a C or an A*, it doesn’t matter as our A level Maths tutors are committed to each and every pupil achieving their potential. Contact Leeds Tutor Company today to enquire about the A level Maths tuition we provide in the Leeds area.

KS1 Maths Tuition in Leeds

Key Stage One Maths is where is all begins. Children learn to count and start using basic arithmetic. At Leeds Tutor Company we have expert KS1 Maths tutors who can help with your child’s development in terms of cementing the fundamentals of mathematics.

KS2 Maths Tuition in Leeds

Key Stage Two Maths is a very significant phase in a child’s learning. The government put that much significance on KS2 Maths results that these are used to help predict final GCSE outcomes. The statistics show that on a whole the grades achieved in KS2 SATs directly links to academic performance in later years. In terms of Maths at KS2 it is essential that children learn how to multiply, divide, add and subtract efficiently as well as being able to competently complete their times tables. In addition to this students should starts to understand concepts such as basic algebra, shapes and area as well as a host of other topics. If you are looking for an experienced KS2 Maths tutors in Leeds then Leeds Tutor Company can help. Our KS2 Maths tutors work in Leeds and cover the surrounding areas. They will develop an individual course of study that focuses solely on helping your child to develop their Maths skills and become more confident in the subject. If you are looking for a KS2 Maths tutor in Leeds, contact Leeds Tutor Company today.

KS3 Maths Tuition in Leeds

KS3 Maths is all about getting ready for GCSE. The key concepts are introduced at KS3 level such as: complex algebra, linear graphs, sequences, transformations, probability, shapes area and volume, as well as a whole host of other topics which are then expanded on at GCSE Level. Our KS3 Maths tutors in Leeds understand the importance of cementing the key learning concepts as early on as possible so that students can successfully navigate through KS3 Maths and confidently transition into their GCSE. From helping to build confidence and knowing what children struggle with our KS3 Maths tutors in Leeds are well placed to help your child progress and start to enjoy Maths more in school. If you are considering organising KS3 Maths tuition in Leeds and you would like a tutor to travel you then call Leeds Tutor Company or drop us an email and we will be happy to book you a KS3 Maths tutor in Leeds.